Capturing love in the details…

The Wedding of Gerhardt and Christine

When I’m editing my images from a wedding (or any shoot for that matter) I love listening to music… being able to drown out the world (headphones are a vital editing tool) while I focus on my work is one of life’s great pleasures. My editing playlist has a song on it, “Great Romances” by Texas and this is one of the lines “Reach out, we can make it if we want to. All I want is for me and you, one of those great romances”

And I think that beautifully sums up what every newly married couple wants, to be one of those great romances… 


Christine and Helgardt’s wedding in Klerksdorp was an intimate one, filled with family and friend’s love and support – which makes for great subject matter if you’re a documentary wedding photographer like me. 


Whenever possible, I like to be with a couple from the time they start getting ready, this not only helps set the tone for the event, but it also allows me to tell the story of their special day, capturing moments they may not remember in the bustle of getting married. It also helps everyone get used to me as the photographer and I get to blend in more, which is a plus for taking candid documentary type images.

One of my favorite moments at this wedding was when the minister asked the guests “if anyone objected to the union” of the couple, and the bride turned to face everyone with a very distinctive “I’m watching you all” gesture. It’s being able to be present and capture moments like these that really make me love what I do as a photographer. 

And, because I had the privilege of doing their engagement photos, I was able to recreate an image from that shoot on their wedding day – just now as husband and wife. It’s those little attention to details and seeing every couple and every wedding as unique and special that makes a difference in the final images you receive as a client. 


So, to Christine and Helgardt, thank you immensely for allowing me to be a part of your special day! And I wish you every joy and happiness as you embark on your journey to being one of those “Great Romances”

See you soon in front of my lens.