Intimate Family Weddings…

The Wedding of Gerrie and Madelein

BC, or Before Covid, a budget was probably the one restriction limiting couples from the amount of guests who they invited to their wedding. It was a time to get long lost family members, weird uncles and that guy from work together to celebrate your special day...

Then a pandemic happened and while venues did start opening up again, and couples were able to get married in front of "family and friends", numbers of guests at weddings often needed to be reduced in line with Covid protocols. For some couples it made for  tough choices. Do they get married "now" (since more than a few had postponed their big day already at least once...) or wait it out for a possibility that things could change.

For Gerrie and Madelein the time to face the future together was now - and so I had the privilege of photographing their intimate but incredibly love filled wedding. What I loved about shooting this wedding was that even though the guest list was limited, the love wasn't and I got to capture some amazing memories for a very special couple that they will have forever.

Gerrie and Madelein, I wish you all the sunshine in the world on your journey together and thank you for letting me be part of your special day!