Art Works for Sale

This is a collection of my digital art works and favorite photographic images. The wall displays are to give you an idea of how the finished piece will look. All digital art works featured are original and available, fully framed as  prints or on canvas. 

Fried Eggs (Print) 200x160 cm
The Red Tutu (Print) 140 x100 cm
The Two Bees (Canvas) 170 x 120 cm
The Beach Seller (Print) 160 x 113 cm
James and his Bike (Canvas) 184 x 130 cm
Ballerina on the Stairs (Print) 140 x 100 cm
Hippo with Splash (Print) 200 x 147cm

I use digital art to keep my creativity alive. 
All pieces are original works, using a digital painting technique on an Apple iPad with a stylus. 

Please contact me for pricing. 

876 Puttick Avenue Sundowner, Randburg